As another weekend quickly approaches and we are enjoying the warmer weather and longer days, it is a nice reminder that we are residing within the ‘lucky country’. So this weekend, why not pick an activity to give back to Australians in need?

Each year, 3.6 million people seek food relief nationally, and sadly 60, 000 people are turned away each month from food bank services. At Food For Change, we are committed to building a more sustainable Australia. We have created a list of activities for you and your family that extend to helping build an
abundant Australia and fill up your soul:

Grow your own veggie patch:

Not only is growing your own veggie patch a great way to connect and socialise with your family, but it also offers an array of health and lifestyle benefits including getting outdoors, eating more fresh vegetables and reducing food waste. Our seeds of change start from just $6.95 a packet and contain a selection of seasonal seeds to kickstart your growing journey – think carrots, tomatoes, capsicum, potatoes and onions, to name a few. When you start your growing journey you will be helping to reduce food insecurity across the nation as for each packet purchased, another is donated to people in need, so that they too, can grow their own food.

Volunteer at one of our farms:

Volunteering is the best activity to do if you are looking to feed your soul. By spending time picking, packing and growing fresh produce, you can play a huge part in tackling the nation’s food insecurity issue. Did you know that people who volunteer at least once a month have reported to be significantly more satisfied and happy with their lives than people who don’t? So, not only are you joining an incredible community of like minded individuals who are helping to build a more sustainable Australia, but you are also getting a hit of those positive endorphins by helping others in need.

Purchase a fresh food box subscription:

By purchasing a fresh food box subscription, you will get a selection of seasonal fruit, vegetables and herbs that can be used to create a variety of tasty and nutritious meals to feed the whole family. At just $70 a month, you will receive the equivalent (or more) of what you would purchase at the grocery store, plus you will be helping to feed 50 hungry Australians. Why not try your own home-cooking challenge and see who can make the most creative and delicious meal out of delicious, fresh, and farm grown produce?

Have a conversation about food insecurity:

Building a more abundant and sustainable Australia requires much more than just a weekend of support – raising awareness is just as important. As such, why not sit with your family and have a vital conversation around food insecurity? By having an open and honest conversation about what food insecurity means and what you can do to help, you are creating an avenue of opportunity for achieving greater support and enacting more action for alleviating food insecurity within Australia. As such, while you are enjoying your next meal, chat about what you are grateful for, why you are grateful for it, and how you can extend this feeling to others around you.