Our Team


Our Board & Executive

The Food For Change board & executive team have extensive commercial, not for profit & business experience. The role of the board is to be the moral compass of Food For Change and ensure we are always working towards our goals, upholding our values, remain financially transparent and ensure the proper use of all funds raised.

They work closely with our executive team and our key volunteers to deliver on our mission to alleviate food insecurity in Australia.

Matt Donovan

Founder & CEO

Angela Lockyer

Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer

Genesa Garbarino

Director & PR Officer


Our Amazing Team

Food For Change was founded on volunteers and we would not be able to feed so many people without their continued help.  The constant efforts of our key volunteers in the day to day to running of our organisation should never be underestimated. Their knowledge and commitment to our vision is why we are so successful.

We can not thank them enough.

Eliza Raeburn

Volunteer Co-Ordinator

Simon Comber

Grant Writer

Anna Ham

IGA Partnership Co-Ordinator


Our Volunteers

Our volunteers, both corporate and individual play a huge role on all our farms. With out the help of so many volunteers each year, we would not be able to grow as much food as we do.

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