Our Mission


At Food For Change We Believe In An Abundant Australia.

Where Anybody Can Get The Food Relief They Need At Anytime, No Matter The Circumstances.

Currently 1 in 7 Australians Seek Food Relief Annually and over 1/4 of These People Are Turned Away.

Our Solution



Food For Change uses land in partnership with food relief organisations to grow as much food as possible to help feed the millions of hungry Australians who seek food relief every year. We grow nutritious fresh fruit, vegetables & herbs. Our growing program is run by volunteers and all the food that we grow is donated to local food relief agencies.


Food For Change has been rescuing food since our inception and during this time we have realised that local, small scale food rescue is not adequately catered for. In response we have developed two unique, app based Food Rescue Programs. The programs put local food donors together with local food relief organisations to maximise the amount of food rescued in Australia.


All the food we grow and rescue serves one purpose and that is to support the food relief agencies who feed hungry Australians. From large organisations like St Vincent De Paul to small local agencies, we form strategic partnerships that use existing infrastructure to deliver more food to those in need. But we can’t do it without your support. From volunteering, purchasing one of our food box’s or making a donation every little contribution from our supporters helps us feed hungry Australians.

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