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Q. How Can I Donate To Food To Change?

A. To donate $ to help us on our mission please head over to our DONATE Page. You can also support us by purchasing OUR SEEDS or subscribing to our FRESH FOOD BOX! Every $1 donated allows us to provide 5 meals to hungry Australians.

Q. What Is The Impact Of My Donation To Food For Change?

A. For every $2 donated to Food For Change we are able to grow and rescue enough food for 10 meals to feed hungry Australians.

Q. Are You Able To Issue A Tax Receipt For My Donation?

A. Yes. Upon receiving your donation you will be automatically emailed a donation receipt. If you donate via cheque please ensure you provide an address so we can post or email you the receipt.

Q. What Does Food For Change Use Donations For?

A. Food For Change uses donations for every aspect of our charity. From paying Insurance to purchasing equipment and seeds for our farms and growing programs. We have a very low cost model that includes: No offices, no vehicles and even the crates our food goes out in are borrowed! This ensures that we get the most out of every $1 donated us and allows us to provide 5 meals to those in need and we thank you for your support.

Food Donations

Q. How Can I Donate Food To Food For Change?

A. You can donate food by either dropping the food to one of our farm sites or by going to the Donate Food page and finding your closest Food Relief Organisation.

Q. What Food Can’t I Donate?

A. Food For Change does not accept cooked rice, any seafood products or food that is not fit for human consumption.

Q. Who Will Receive The Food I Donate?

A. The Food donated to Food For Change goes to the Food Relief Organisations we support across the country. These organisations feed people from all walks of life, including: Children, The Homeless, Elderly, Refugees and anyone who is food insecure in Australia

Food Relief Organisations

Q. How Can I Receive Food From Food For Change?

A. To receive food from Food For Change please register your interest on our Food Relief Organisation page and a member of the team will be in contact.

Q. What Types Of Food Will We Receive?

A. From our farms you will receive fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs. Via our donation program with IGA and from individual donors you will receive a wide range of food – basically anything you would find in an IGA store!

Q. Why Can We Only Collect Food From Your Farms?

A. Food For Change runs a very low cost model and as such we do not have vehicles to deliver food. If you would leek to receive our fresh nutritious farm grown produce you will need to organise for a vehicle to collect it on one of our harvest days.

Fresh Food Box

Q. Where Do You Deliver The Fresh Food Box To?

A. The fresh food box from Food For Change is currently being delivered across Victoria & NSW including regional Victoria, Sydney, The Central Coast, Newcastle and Wollongong. To order your fresh food box please click HERE and for all other states you can Pre Register HERE.

Q. What Is Included In The Fresh Food box?

A. The fresh food box from Food For Change is a monthly “Basics Box” and includes items such as apples, potatoes, onions, spinach, fresh herbs, carrots and more! In total almost 9kg of fresh produce delivered to your door each month!

Q. How Do I Order My Fresh Food Box?

A. The fresh food box from Food For Change can be ordered HERE.

Q. When Will My Fresh Food Box Be Delivered?

A. Your food box will be picked, packed and delivered to you between the 15th & 22nd of each month.

On the day prior to your delivery, you will receive a text message from In2Food confirming the delivery of your food box for the following day. Subsequently on the day of your delivery you will receive text updates on your delivery status. If you placed your first fresh food box order during this period your first delivery will be the following month. After the first delivery your subscription will renew on the 1st of each month and once again be picked, packed and delivered between the 15th & 22nd of that month.

Q.Does The Price Of The Fresh Food Box Include Delivery?

A. Yes the price of our fresh food box does include delivery. Currently we deliver to Melbourne & Regional Victoria, with other states coming soon!

Q. What Does Food For Change Do With The Profit From The Food Box?

A. All profits raised from our fresh food boxes help us on our mission to alleviate food insecurity in Australia. We use the profits from our fresh food boxes to fund our growing and rescue programs and every box allows us to provide 50 meals for those in need!

Grow For Us

Q. What Food Can We Grow For Food For Change?

A. You can grow any food you like for Food For Change! But the best ones are the basics that people eat each week – Like carrots or tomatoes.

Q. How Can We Get Volunteers To Help Grow The Food?

A. If you require volunteers to help you grow food for Food For Change simply let us know and our volunteer co-ordinator will advertise the volunteer opportunity in your local region and manage the volunteers for you.

Q. Where Does The Food Go That We Grow For Food For Change?

A. The food that you grow will go directly into your local community to feed the hungry. We will work with local food relief organisations on your behalf and co-ordinate the collection and delivery of the fresh food that you grow.

IGA Store Owners

Q. What Food Items can I donate?

A. Food For Change accepts all Food Items, besides Seafood and Cooked rice.

We recommend stores to freeze meat/poultry/perishables products on date of used by.

For anything that has a “Best Before” date you can allow 6 months life past the date on the product.

For all “Used By” products (frozen & un-frozen) only donate up until the “Used By” date as we cannot accept Food items that HAVE passed their Use by date.

Please Note:

Some Food Relief Organisations will not accept certain Food Items at Food Rescue Collection time. For more information please watch this training video:

Food Safety Video

Q. What is the minimum Food Donation Amount?

A. The minimum Food donation amount is $200 of wholesale value. If you think this amount may be too small, please contact your Primary Contact at your assigned Food Relief Organisation located under the Profile section within our App.

Q. If I donate the Food could I be liable?

A. Businesses who donate Food items to Food For Change are protected from Civil Liability.

Q. How Do I Use The App & Enter A New Food Donation?

A. To enter a new Food Donation into our App, please login and select the + symbol located at the bottom of the App toolbar. Fill out the page using the figures from your printed receipt and then select the Confirm button.

For more information on using the App please watch this training video:

How To Use The App

Q. Is it Important that I enter every Food Donation into the App?

A. Yes, Inputting your Food Donations into our App is an important part of the Food Donation process. Every new Food Donation you submit, will update your Stores Total Impact Meal Figures and the Total Impact Meal Figures across all the IGA stores nationally.

Q. Where Can I View All My Past Food Donations?

A. You can view your past donations within our App, by clicking on the Profile symbol located at the bottom of the App toolbar.

Q. Can I cancel a Food Donation before it has been collected?

A. Yes, please provide 24 hours notice by phoning your Primary Contact at the applicable Food Relief Organisation, located under the Profile section within our App.

Q. How Do I contact my Assigned Food Relief Organisation/s?

A. To contact your Assigned Food Relief Organisation/s, please login into our App and click on the Profile symbol located at the bottom of the App toolbar. Within the Profile section, you will find the contact details of your assigned Food Relief Organisation/s and your Primary contact.

Q. Can I select our Food Relief Organisation/s?

A. Yes, please email Food For Change at to let us know your preference/s. Our team will contact the proposed Food Relief Organisation/s to ensure they are are capable of meeting your Stores requirements.

Q. What If I Am Not Happy With My Assigned Food Relief Organisation?

A. If you are having problems with your Food Relief Organisation please contact Food For Change to discuss the details of the problem. We will endeavour to solve the problem or in a worse case scenario we will assign a new Food Relief Organisation to your store.

Q. The App Is Not Working Properly, What Do I Do?

A. Firstly log out of the app and close the page down. If you are on a computer please ensure you have updated your browser. On a mobile or tablet, please ensure you have the latest updates.

Once done please log back in and try again. If you are still having problems please contact Food For Change

Q. How Do I Contact Food For Change?

You can contact us by email:

On Farm Food Rescue

Q. What Is The Process For Rescuing Food From My Farm?

A. If you have food that needs rescuing and you have not worked with Food For Change before you will need to notify us, by registering on our On Farm Food Rescue page. From there we will co-ordinate the rescue of the food and issue you with a tax receipt for your donation.

Q. What Are The Benefits To Me As A Farmer In Donating Food?

A. The main benefit of the program is obviously feeding the hungry. But for you the farmer you will receive a tax receipt that will allow you to claim the full cost of the food you have donated and will help your annual profit.

Q. Can I Also Grow Additional Food To Donate To Food For Change?

A. Absolutely! The more food we can grow with local farmers, the more people we can feed! For more information on growing food for Food For Change please head over to our Grow For Us page.

Purchasing Our Seeds

Q. What Does Food For Change Do With The Profit From The Sale Of The Seeds?

A. All the profit from the sale of our seeds helps us on our mission to alleviate food insecurity in Australia. The funds go to our running costs, equipment and tools for our farms as well as to co-ordinating our food rescue programs. For every $2 we raise we are able to provide 10 meals for hungry Australians. Seeds can be purchased Here.

Q. Are Your Seeds Organic?

A. No. Our seeds are not certified organic.

Q. Can I Buy All Seasons At Once?

A. Absolutely! While our seeds are set out in seasonal packs, you can purchase any season at anytime and as much as you require!

Q. Can You Give Me Information On How To Grow The Seeds?

A. Yes. On our seeds page we have downloadable PDFs of all our growing guides for the varieties of seeds that we sell.

Share Your Land

Q. How Much Land Does Food For Change Need For A Major Farm Site?

A. As a minimum we look to have access to 2 acres.

Q. What Are The Site Requirements?

A. To keep costs down we always look for sites with access to toilets for the volunteers, dam/tank water and buildings/space where we can store equipment and have a tea room for the volunteers.

Q. Do I Need To Do Anything?

A. No. There is no requirement to provide any labour on the farm site. Though most of our land owners do work with us closely.


Q. How Can I Volunteer With Food For Change?

A. Simply head over to our Volunteer page and register your interest. And a member of the team will reach out and provide all the details you need!

Q. What Work Do We Do On Your Farm Volunteer Days?

A. Our farm days consist of harvesting the crops, washing crops as required, packing/loading the food for delivery, planting as required and maintenance of the farm which includes weeding, mulching and other manual tasks.

Q. What Should I Wear To A Farm Volunteer Day

A. Old Clothes – It Can Get Dirty! Appropriate Closed Toe Shoes And A Hat!

Q. What else Should I Bring On A Farm Volunteer Day?

A. Please Bring, Sunscreen, Water bottle, food and always feel free to bring something to share for morning tea!

Q. Do you have corporate volunteer days at your farms?

A. Yes we provide corporate volunteer days at our Mount Martha farm! Please check our Corporate Volunteering Page for more information.

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