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Seeds Of Change

Seeds Of Change

Seeds Of Change

The Food For Change, Seeds Of Change Program is a unique program that is helping us to provide food security to Hungry Australians. We have developed a range of seeds for each season that can be grown anywhere in Australia. With each packet containing 3 varieties of seed and only $9.90 per packet, they provide amazing value with 100% of the profit from the sale of the seeds going to feed hungry Australians.

Along with this, for each packet sold we will also donate another packet to a community group to pass onto a vulnerable Australian who would like to start growing their own food!

Thanks to Sustainable Table and their Ripe For Change grant program we have received seed funding to kick start the Seeds Of Change Program in Victoria. The program will commence in May 2021.

To preregister to purchase your seeds or if you are a community organisation who would like to receive our seeds please complete the form below and once we launch we will be in contact!

Spring Seed Mix

Beetroot - Chives - Lettuce

Summer Seed Mix

Cucumber - Basil - Tomato

Autumn Seed Mix

Carrot - Broccoli - Cauliflower

Winter Seed Mix

Chard - Parsley - Onion

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