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Seeds Of Change

Seeds Of Change

Seeds Of Change

The Food For Change, Seeds Of Change Program is a unique program that is helping us to provide food security to Hungry Australians. We have developed a range of seeds for each season that can be grown anywhere in Australia. With each packet containing 3 varieties of seed and only $6.95 per packet, they provide amazing value with 100% of the profit from the sale of the seeds going to feed hungry Australians.

Along with this, for each packet sold we will also donate another packet to a community group to pass onto a vulnerable Australian who would like to start growing their own food!

Our seeds are available as an individual purchase or via subscription delivered each season at a discount to our subscribers.

NOTE: We can not ship seeds to Tasmania or Western Australia.

Spring Seed Mix

Beetroot - Chives - Lettuce

Summer Seed Mix

Cucumber - Basil - Tomato

Autumn Seed Mix

Carrot - Broccoli - Cauliflower

Winter Seed Mix

Chard - Parsley - Onion

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