Donate Food

Donate Food

Have Excess Food? Support Change…

The food donations made by Australians every year help alleviate food insecurity across the country. 

At Food For Change, we believe in an abundant Australia, where anybody can get the food relief they require at anytime. To help achieve this we have developed our online database of food relief organisations across Australia – to allow food donors to donate excess food quickly and easily and feed those in need in their communities. 

Help Those In Need

Currently, there is a significant need for food donations within Australia. With 1 in 7 people seeking food relief annually, and over a quarter of these being turned away, it is more important than ever to ensure food gets to those who need it.

As a food charity, our team of like-minded volunteers collect donations on behalf of those who are unable to afford enough food for themselves or their family.

Food For Change supports Food Relief Organisations that distribute food to people in need from all walks of life, without discrimination.

At Food For Change, we believe every person has the right to access the food they need, including:

  • Children
  • People suffering homelessness
  • Elderly people
  • Refugees
  • Anyone experiencing food insecurity.

Your surplus food will go a long way to helping those in need.

Who Can Donate?

Just as we don’t discriminate in who receives our food, we don’t discriminate in who can donate.

We gratefully accept food donations from any individual or business looking to help the most vulnerable in the community. 

Where Can I Donate Food?

There are many sites across the country dedicated to collecting food for those suffering from food inequality.  

Food donors who aren’t located near one of our farm sites can donate directly to their closest Food Relief Organisation by simply filling in the contact form below to find a Food Relief Organisation near you.

Food Relief Organisations

If you are a food relief organisation and wish to be added to our donation centre list, please register your interest HERE.

Donate Today

Food For Change aims to make donating food as easy as possible for individuals and businesses with surplus food

Fill in our contact form below or visit one of our farm sites, and help combat food insecurity in your community today.


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