It hasn’t quite been the summer of socialising and fun we may have hoped for, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get out and enjoy the best of what the season brings – sunshine. But did you know, we’re not the only ones that love some sun? It’s also a prime ingredient for growing vegetables.

So, what better time than now to start committing to a sustainable future while alleviating hunger by sowing your own veggie patch this season?

Our Seeds of Change initiative kick starts your growing journey of fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs, with each packet containing an assortment of three different seeds. Each packet only costs $6.95, and proceeds go back to helping alleviate food insecurity in Australia. Our summer seed mix consists of tomatoes, cucumber and basil. So, to help you on your way, here are some top tips for planting:

Tasty Tomatoes:

Is there a more perfect addition to your summer salads, sauces and even as a base for vegetable juice than the tasty tomato? For thriving tomatoes, we suggest adding a stem support – this will help it on it’s way to the typical one to three metres of height. Best planted just 5mm deep, 50cm apart and by leaving 60-70 cm between rows. If positioned in full sun, and watered regularly you should enjoy ready-to-eat ruby red tomatoes in 70-80 days.

Happy Herbs:

Plant basil in a sheltered position and keep it well-watered in the heat of summer. Pruning can keep the plants compact and also extend their productive life. They grow in full sun and are tolerant of a range of soil types, and do also do well in pots. Basil only needs to be sowed 2mm deep and 30cm apart. Expect flourishing leaves 50-90 days after planting.

Cool As Cucumber:

Another delectable addition to summer salads, sparkling water and more. Cucumber grows as a sprawling vine with large leaves and curling tendrils. These are annual plants that grow for one season and can reach up to 5m in length. Sow about 10mm deep, 40cm apart and if going for rows try to keep these 120cm apart. With full sun and moist well drained soil expect a harvest in 50-70 days.

With the weather warm and happy moods buzzing, there’s no better an excuse to get outside and enjoy the sunshine! Plus, your planting efforts will help to feed hungry Australians across the nation.

As well as all proceeds going towards our Food For Change mission, we will match every purchase with a gifted seed set to a community group who share our mission and vision. So, get growing, start sowing, and order your Seeds of Change today!