Soups, curries, hearty stews. For many, the cold winter months are the perfect excuse to indulge in comforting, rich meals. Sadly, it’s also the most severe of seasons for the 3.6 million
Australians who face the struggles of food insecurity. But you can help us in our mission to feed the hungry. How, you ask…?

Well we’ve quite the crop of initiatives, and our Seeds For Change winter packets are an easy way to support others while also growing your own delish fresh produce. Even if you’re a growing novice, these packets of seeds can thrive anywhere in Australia, and we’ve compiled this easy ‘Give it a Gro’ Guide to help you on your way.

Featuring onion, chard (silverbeet) and parsley – our winter packets offer a hearty combination that will certainly add flavour you can savour. So to help you get growing, here’s our topline tips for planting:

Peeling back the secret to flourishing onions, is about not letting the many layers fool you, onions are a shallow growing vegetable. In fact, they flourish when planted at just 5mm deep. That said, they like a little bit of room between rows, approximately 40cm is best with a decent amount of sun, and great drainage. Expect to see early shoots between 7-14 days later, and maturity anywhere between 60 and 240 days. See here for a complete planting guide.
Growing to its own (silver)beet, chard is a leafy vegetable that comes in many colours and is used much like spinach. Best to wait until after frost to plant these seeds, and do so about 15mm deep in rows of 50cm or so. Germination is 5-10 days but you can expect a full crop as early as 58-70 days. Find out more with the full chard planting guide.
For perfect parsley be sure to sow super shallow, just 3mm required. This popular herb is a go-to garnish and flavour enhancer that can even be planted in containers – so long as there’s access to part of full sun and good drainage. A little slow to start, you’ll see early shoots from 14-21 days, but maturity at just 70-80 days after planting. To learn all about planting parsley check out the full guide here.

Sounds easy enough, yes? That’s because it is. The winter seed combinations are just $6.95 per packet, with all proceeds harvested helping to feed hungry Australians. Not only that, each packet purchased will be matched and donated to a community group with the same mission in mind.

So what are you waiting for? Give it gro’ and order your Seeds For Change winter packets today.