Run into spring with some feel good vibes by volunteering and giving back to the community!

Volunteering is a proven way to up those dopamine levels while simultaneously making someone else feel good. At Food For Change we are making the most of the beautiful weather as well as jumping at the growing opportunities to develop a strong sense of community ahead of this summer. We are determined to grow our network that provides a simple yet effective solution to aid the 3.6 million Australians seeking food relief each year. More specifically, 60 000 Australians who are our friends and neighbours, are being turned away from food relief each month, and they need our help. We are determined, through the power of people and local connections, to provide enough fresh produce and meals to those in need, to create an abundant Australia.

When volunteering at Food For Change you will become part of a community of like minded people and make a meaningful contribution as we hurdle towards our mission to alleviate food insecurity in Australia. There are many ways to volunteer with Food For Change either as a corporate or individual volunteer.

So, what does volunteering look like at Food For Change?

Individual Volunteering:

At Food For Change, our individual volunteering days start anywhere from inside our office helping with admin and planning activities, to getting your hands dirty outside either planting and picking fresh produce, or packing fresh food boxes. We have farms in Victoria and are always looking to grow our community of volunteers – so rest assured, if you aren’t one for getting out on the field, we have a number of tasks you can partake in either within the office or even remotely.

Corporate Volunteering:

As well as our regular individual volunteers, at Food For Change we have opportunities for Corporate teams within both of our farms. They are a unique opportunity for workplaces to spend time bonding as a team and making a positive contribution to the local community. Each corporate volunteer day includes activities both on and off the farm, including harvesting the crops and loading them for the food relief organisations to take away and feed those in need. Both of our volunteering opportunities are free to participate in and are available on a Tuesday at our Mornington Peninsula Farm each week – no matter the weather conditions!

What are the benefits of volunteering?

As well as helping people in need, volunteering has some major benefits for your own well- being. For those of us looking for our purpose, volunteering is a fantastic way to get a sense of accomplishment and feel good. It is also great for building self-confidence and is a great combatant against stress, loneliness, and social isolation. On top of the mental benefits, volunteering also provides real life tangible skills that you can use in the workplace and can give you a sense community

So, if you have been considering a new way to give back to the community, this is the perfect chance to join our incredible team of volunteers at Food For Change. We’re imploring all of you, as individuals, corporate teams, and community groups, to help us grow and give as much food as possible to continue changing the lives of our fellow Australians.

More information on Volunteering at Food For Change Can be found HERE.