When was the last time you put your phone down and stepped away from the digital world for a while? We often get so absorbed in our lives that we forget about the things that truly matter and what it is like to enjoy your own company.

We may also forget that there is a life outside of our own. That’s why looking up from your phone is so important.

So, this month instead of spending your free time scrolling, why not give back to communities outside of your own world?

At Food For Change we provide different volunteer opportunities to join our team of like minded individuals and make a meaningful contribution towards ending food insecurity in Australia. Volunteering plays a crucial role in connecting the community and has an array of benefits such as developing enhanced relationships, building awareness for yourself and the community, boosting endorphins, and of course helping to alleviate the food insecurity within Australia. There are many ways to volunteer with Food For Change, either as a corporate or individual volunteer.

Individual Volunteer:

Food For Change encourages individuals to volunteer and provides an array of opportunities both within our office, and out on our Mornington Peninsula farm. All of our volunteer roles help us on our mission to alleviate food insecurity – so whether you would rather assist in completing office tasks, or getting hands-on within our farms – we have the perfect position for you!

Corporate Volunteer:

Food For Change also offers volunteer opportunities for Corporate Volunteers on site at the Mornington Peninsula farm. Our corporate volunteering days are a great chance for your team to bond, while making an important contribution to the local community. They include engaging in all the tasks usually undertaken – such as harvesting the crops and loading them for the food relief organisations to take away and feed those in need.

So, if you’re still here – I’m guessing you haven’t gotten up to enjoy some mindfulness today just yet. So, take this as an important reminder to get up, get outside, and give back. For you, for those who can’t, and for future you to remember.

Volunteer at Food For Change today, visit the link here.