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Thank You For Volunteering

More Ways To Help Our Mission

Once again a big thank you for volunteering at Food For Change!

We greatly appreciate all the work and would love if you’re able to help in any other way. Here are many simple ways you can support our work and help us further on our mission to end food insecurity in Australia:

Get social 

Its so simple – Follow us on social media and share your pictures and our posts with your friends #foodforchange #grow #rescue #support

Make a personal donation

We know not everyone is in a position to, if you are, we welcome any contributions, small or large. Make your tax-deductible donation here. Just $10 means 5 meals for those experiencing food insecurity.

** TOP TIP – know someone you think would love our work and might have the heart and funds to donate? Send them a personal note sharing our work via your messaging platform of choice. You’d be surprised what a difference a direct message to the right person could make! **

Volunteer again

You know what a big difference you made on the farm, so if you’d like to help again as a group or individual, simply register on our volunteering page noting that you’re a fabulous returning volunteer. If you can’t make it to the farm, you can always volunteer remotely, helping with office tasks or using your professional skills to complete tasks as required.

Workplace and corporate giving

Does your employer offer workplace (or payroll) giving? 

What is it? You donate regularly, directly from your pay and payroll send the money to us.. Your donation is pre-tax, so no pesky receipts or waiting to do your tax return, you get the benefit up front. Winning!  Some companies even match part or all of their employees’ donations, which magnifies your impact.

Ask your payroll team today whether workplace giving is an option for you. If your employer doesn’t have it set up , simply contact us and we will help you organise it.

If your company has a foundation or other community giving program, you could also ask them how to nominate Food For Change for consideration for support. 

How does workplace giving actually work?

The best way to explain it is with an example. 

Jane decides to give up just one cup of coffee per month to donate $5 to Food For Change through her employer’s workplace giving. She fills out a form and payroll deducts $5 from her pay each month, before they calculate the tax on her earnings. Because the donation is pre-tax, it actually ‘costs’ her roughly $3.50 (depending on her tax bracket), rather than $5 after-tax.  Her company generously matches donations dollar for dollar, so Jane’s ‘sacrifice’ of a cup of coffee each month means Food For Change receives $10 and can provide 5 meals for hungry Australians.

What about fundraising?

We’d welcome individuals or groups fundraising for us. If you have a fundraising idea eg. a personal or physical challenge, or simple event idea, we’d love to hear from you. We know everybody loves a morning tea or bake sale at work and the irresistible appeal of home-baked treats brings in the bucks for a good cause.  

We’d love to receive a donation as a result of your efforts and every $5 you raise means another 10 meals, and less people going hungry. Contact us for more information.

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