We all know what we should be doing to help promote a more sustainable future, but the question ponders, what can we actually do, right now, to start; because that’s the hardest part – right?

At 8.30pm on the last Saturday of every March, countries across the globe will unite together for Earth Hour – one of the largest, and most important movements where billions of people pledge to reduce their carbon footprint and become more earth-conscious by participating in an electricity-free hour.

At Food For Change we are conscious about creating a more sustainable future by growing fresh produce and feeding those, within Australia, who are struggling with food insecurity. Part of our mission is raising awareness and building a community of like minded individuals who strive to set an example, by supporting and educating those around them who, too, commit to generating a more sustainable future and feeding more people.

As such, we have generated a list of the top 10 activities to complete during this Earth Hour on 26 March 2022:

1. Switch off the lights:

It’s a given, but the first step to completing Earth Hour is switching off the electricity at 8.30pm. It provides a unique opportunity to slow down, reconnect with those around you, and reflect on what you can do to help our planet.

2. Sign petitions to urge politicians to take stronger action on climate change:

A huge step to reducing our carbon footprint is having leaders and policies in place which support generating a more sustainable future. Signing these petitions is an important step to taking stronger action on climate change; urging them to transition to renewable energy and a zero-carbon economy.

3. Have a candlelit dinner:

A perfect opportunity to reconnect is through setting the mood and enjoying a home cooked meal with your loved ones. Use candles or solar powered lights to create a relaxing atmosphere and try to cook with all sustainably sourced produce.

4. Have some important conversations around climate change and sustainability:

The more conversations we have around climate change and sustainability, the more our fellow Australians will be able to understand its importance, and see an urgency for making changes. Through creating awareness and reflecting on current national issues relating to climate change, we will be more inclined and prepared to make changes to better the environment.

5. Do some stargazing:

With electricity switched off, we will be gifted with the beauty of a clear night sky. Invite your friends and family to join you under the stars, and take the opportunity to point out constellations.

6. Plant a native tree:

A simple step to helping our planet is growing our own produce and planting more native trees! This is a perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature and the outdoors – while also being a great chance to engage children and strengthen their own love for the environment.

7. Make some goals for a more eco-friendly year:

Under the starlit sky, Earth Hour is a great time to commit to reducing your carbon footprint. No matter how big or small, it can make a huge difference. Perhaps try committing to picking up rubbish for half an hour once a week, reducing your use of plastic, walking to the grocery store, or converting to eco-friendly products.

8. Go for a walk and pick up rubbish within the local community:

While enjoying the peaceful night sky, take this time as a chance to support the local community by collecting a bag each of rubbish. You will be amazed by how much rubbish you can collect in an hour with the support of a few family members or friends!

9. Up your sustainability knowledge and know-how:

Pre-plan your evening by compiling some quiz-style questions about sustainability. These may include, ‘how much plastic is in our ocean?’, ‘how much food do we waste annually?’, or ‘how much water do we use annually?’. This will create important conversations surrounding climate change and while it is structured as a game, it will be a huge step in the right direction for generating a more sustainable future.

10. Watch the lights go out at 8.30pm from a local viewpoint:

Enjoy the serenity of sitting at a local viewpoint and watching the lights switch off. Take this hour to enjoy the company of either yourself, or a friend or family member under the stars. It is very eye opening and humbling to see both, the size of the world around you, and how important it is for each person to take a stance on reducing their carbon footprint – because it all starts with us.

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