Imagine for a minute… not knowing exactly how you’ll manage to put the next meal on the table. If you were working as hard as you could to keep your head above water, and yet, still falling short of the funds needed to feed yourself, or to feed your family.

Imagine if even the simple act of finding transport to and from a supermarket was actually an impossible hurdle that could lead to hunger?

For many Australians, this level of food insecurity is a reality that hits hard every day. Experts conservatively estimate that more than one in 10 face the issue of food insecurity.
However, together – we have the power to change that. And we have the power to make this significant and much-needed change with just a simple shift in the way we conduct our own food shopping.

It’s why we’re encouraging people to sign up to our newly launched Fresh Food Boxes.

Food For Change’s new monthly delivery service simply substitutes the way you typically shop for fresh produce, while also helping fellow Australians from going hungry.

How does it work? Well, we have our incredible network of growers and grocery partners to thank for that. Which means, that for a comparable price as shopping at your local grocery store we provide you with a monthly delivery of sustainable and locally sourced fresh produce. Delivered directly to your door free of charge, you can expect approximately nine kilograms of seasonal fresh fruit such as apples, bananas, pears and citrus alongside nutritious vegetables including beans and peas, beetroot, broccoli, capsicum, carrots, cauliflower, green leafy mixes, sweet potato, tomatoes and zucchini to name a few of our regular staples.

Plus, our boxes also include a tasty dose of fresh herbs, garlic and ginger in the mix as well.

Currently this is only available in Victoria, but shoppers in other states are able to pre-register – and will receive a complimentary ‘thanks for your patience’ wine pack in return.

Sounds too good to be true? Not so. The only difference (other than free delivery) that you should expect is that delivery dates will be relative to regional demand rather than on demand, and the exact portions of fruit and vegetables will be determined by seasonality and quality.

However, by making just this small shopping change, you can help alleviate the food insecurity struggles faced by so many across the nation. And you can do that, while happily enjoying a delicious and nutritious box of local fresh fruit and vegetables, conveniently and at a comparable price to your normal shop.

So go on Register today! Our no-lock-in contracts mean if it’s not your to your tasting, you have no long term obligations.