For a lot of people, times are tough. Most of our capital cities have been in and out of lockdown, which can really put a squeeze on small businesses, job security and general income. 

During these times, we see a surge in the number of people seeking food relief with Food For Change. While many are just getting by – keeping the roof above their head, and the power on – it’s putting food on the table that can be the breaking point. 

And it’s more prevalent than many might think. Every year it is estimated that 3.6 million Australians will seek food relief from an organisation like ours, and during times like these our services are definitely in high demand. 

However, it also means that it’s also a tough time for people to give, and not all types of giving can work for everyone in the same way. With that in mind, we’ve provided a snapshot of the different ways you can give in the hopes that it might inspire you to give to those in need, without overstretching your own individual circumstances:

  • Share that spare change: financial donations are always welcomed to help us continue to deliver our food services across the country – and they don’t have to be big. Just $2 can help produce 10 nutritious meals, so if you are in the position to be able to spare some change, you can donate to Food For Change here.
  • Give time, not money: Sometimes giving doesn’t need to cost a cent. We’re always on the call out for volunteers to help us continue to feed the hungry – and the opportunities are as broad as your skillset. If you like getting down and dirty, join us at our Victorian farms or find out what other land and farms connected to Food For Change are local to you. If professional services are more your speed, we can certainly find a way to lessen the load for our administration, marketing, IT and creative teams. 
  • Shift the way you shop: If you’re not already subscribed to our monthly fresh fruit and veg food boxes, you’re missing out! For the same price as a typical grocery shop, Food For Change offers a monthly food box containing 9kg of fresh seasonal produce dropped directly to your door. You’ll be giving back to the community, helping us provide critical services and the only thing you’re giving up… is control of the delivery dates (which are set based on regional demand) and exact portions of fruit and vegetables (which are determined by seasonality and quality). Order Here and help us on our mission to end hunger!
  • Grow your own: If you’ve a natural green thumb, use it to give back to those who need it most. The best thing is – there’s many different ways to do this depending on your land size and growing capacity. For example, you could simply grow for yourself by planting our Seeds for Change packets, where all profits go towards feeding the hungry. Alternatively, if you’ve a little more land, you can even grow to give – we take food donations of all types and sizes and every piece of fresh produce is more than welcomed by our networks across the nation.

So, while many are falling on hard times, know that giving can be done in many ways but no matter which one, each will help feed the hungry. For more information, why not get in contact with our team and find out how you can give in these desperate times of need.