Tis’ the season, Christmas is here! The trees are going up, presents are on their way, and Santa is donning the red suit in preparation for another huge year of gifting.

But do your loved ones need more “stuff?” The best Christmas gifts are the thoughtful ones, and here’s the secret, they don’t have to cost an arm and a leg! Immediately your mind may jump to customised socks or a funky mug, but at Food For Change, we have some thoughtful Christmas gift ideas that are guaranteed to impress, while supporting the lives of millions of Australians struggling with food insecurity:

1. Seeds of Change: If you know someone who is a fan of gardening, why not kick-start their vegetable garden with our assortment of seasonal packet seed mixes? For just $6.95 per packet, you will receive a variety of easy to grow vegetables and herbs, with the profits put towards our mission to alleviate food insecurity across the nation.

2. Delightful Delivery: We all know the quickest way to anyone’s heart is with delicious food! In purchasing our monthly food box subscription, your giftee will receive approximately 9kg of locally-grown fresh produce including fruit, vegetables, and herbs delivered free to their door. And better yet, through providing this person with these groceries, you will also be supporting people across the nation struggling with food insecurity.

3. A Classic Bottle of Wine: Show them how much you appreciate them with a tipple or two, but that’s all in the wine selection. Purchasing a bottle of wine (or more) from Goodwill Wines will not only will you show how much you care, it will also support us here at Food For Change, as the company donates half of each bottle sale to charity. Let’s raise a glass to gifting with kindness in mind and enjoy our Christmas celebrations, while helping put meals on the tables of hungry Australians in need. Cheers!

4. The Ultimate Gift of Giving: If your giftee is adventurous and enjoys spending some quality time outdoors, why not gift them a life-changing experience… and sign up to volunteer with us at one of our farms together? Spend an afternoon getting your hands dirty, socialising with our other wonderful volunteers, all the while giving back to the community by harvesting fresh produce to support our initiative of alleviating food insecurity in Australia.

5. Donate On Their Behalf: If you are really unsure of what to get them, and they claim they have everything they need, then perhaps you can give the gift of giving, by donating to our cause. The Christmas period is not as magical for everyone across Australia, and through donating you can provide meals to those who would otherwise be struggling with food insecurity. This win-win situation will not only be thoughtful, but will also help transform the life of another.

Whether you are gifting someone at home, or thousands of kilometres away, you can still make their year by gifting something that truly suits their interests.

Best wishes, and have a Merry Christmas!