Sustainable shopping is not a new concept; we know about the implications, and we know exactly how to avoid them. So, why are we still seeing over 1.9 million tonnes of packaging thrown into landfill each year?

At Food for Change, we are passionate about providing a world where no one has to question how or where they will find their next meal. That’s why this month, we are paying particular attention to showcasing the importance of considering how your food and other purchases are packaged. Especially as the packaging (and breaking down of packaging) process requires energy, water, and natural resources that could be used to grow food to feed hungry Australians.

At Food For Change we want to streamline the steps to reduce waste through an organic and sustainably conscious diet, so that we can provide more meals to hungry people across the nation. So, how can you do this too?

Grow Your Own Produce:

We have a Seeds of Change program whereby we provide individuals with seedlings to kickstart your own growing journey, for just $6.95 per month. Growing your own produce has an array of benefits including encouraging you to eat sustainably. Furthermore, through growing your own produce and purchasing our seeds of change, you can also help to feed hungry Australians as all the proceeds go directly towards people impacted by food insecurity.

Recycle Where Possible:

Did you know that only 60% of waste is recycled? While we know what to do and have endless avenues to do so, it is now up to us to make the conscious decision to recycle relevant packaging and products. Upon doing so we can reduce pollution, landfill, and energy use – which can be utilised to grow fresh produce and aid our mission to alleviate food insecurity across the nation.

Donate Excess Food:

Millions of tonnes of food end up in landfill each year, which equates to about $2000 per household annually. Imagine what you could do with that much extra money each year! Just $10 a month equates to 50 meals for hungry Australians. So, while the three tomatoes that are getting a bit soft in the fridge are possibly nothing to you, to those experiencing food insecurity in Australia, those tomatoes mean everything. As such, we encourage all Australians to mindfully shop for food, and donate excess where possible – such as canned and packaged goods that are just sitting in your cupboard. It may mean the difference between whether someone eats tonight or not. Don’t know where you can donate your food? All you need to do is use our Donate Food Finder to find your closest donation centre – anywhere in Australia!

Sustainability extends well beyond renewable energy and consumption; it also includes how we approach food waste. As such, through focusing on nutrition and switching to an organic diet, you can contribute to solving our mission to alleviate food insecurity across the nation.