There are approximately 3.6 million Australians that seek support for food relief each year. And while Food For Change is on a mission to alleviate this, the sad truth is that more than
70,000 Australians are turned away each and every month, one third of which are children. But solving Australia’s food insecurity issue isn’t a mission that we can undertake alone, so we’re undeniably grateful for the partnering businesses who help us in these efforts.

One of these valued partners is the incredible team at In2Food, whose shared passion for innovation, sustainability and of course, food, ensures that we not only continue to provide our
services, but grow our efforts.

Supporting a diverse range of industries – from shipping and service industries like aged care, through to retail and tourism – In2Food are behind many of our own meals. But importantly, they’re also advocates for ensuring that no Australian goes hungry. In2Food’s national offering, pioneering technology and farmer partnerships allows us to feed more people, faster. And this is achieved all while fostering nutrition, great taste and locally grown options that supports our nation’s greater food ecosystem.

Since our inception Food For Change has grown almost 300,000 meals, rescued over 468,000 meals and provided an additional 86,000 support meals but there’s so much more to be done. A feat that can only be achieved with the continued support from businesses such as In2Food and you, as everyday Australians.

Together, we can make a difference. Together we make sure that people who need help feeding themselves, or their family have somewhere to turn. So if you’re keen to help, here’s how you can:

For individuals: we have a myriad of ways to support Food For Change. Try ordering a monthly food delivery box, purchasing packets of seeds from us, donating your land or
volunteering your time. Find out more about some of our key initiatives for everyday people here.
For businesses: join In2Food as well as our additional amazing partners including IGA, Vinnies, Sustainable Table, COS, Minter Ellison Lawyers, New South Wales Government, Second Bite and the Back To Earth Initiative in a number of ways. As a business you can contribute funds, donations of produce, participate in corporate volunteering efforts and much much more.

To start your partnership journey, simply message us with some details and we can workshop a tailored opportunity.

We look forward to welcoming you into the Food For Change family.