Another amazing month at Food For Change with our new website going live and the announcement of our food boxes! These will go on presale today! It’s a subscription food box where one will receive a delivery of quality fresh food once a month that will provide your base of fruit and veg. The box includes recipes and you can even add in a bottle of wine from our friends at Goodwill Wine!

The profit from the box all goes to helping us on our mission to eliminate food insecurity in Australia.


Well we do this in a unique way. Firstly, we grow fresh nutritious fruit, vegetables, and herbs on unused farmland. We then also rescue food via our food rescue app in partnership with IGA and also via our new website (check out the donate food function). All the food we grow and rescue then gets donated to food relief organisations on the frontline who are feeding hungry Australians! And by using existing infrastructure and keeping our costs low, every $1 raised allows us to provide 5 meals to hungry Australians.

Thank you for your continued support,

Matt Donovan: Founder & CEO


For the month of December, Food For Change will be doing a pre-sale of food boxes! All the orders placed in this month will receive a bottle of wine from Goodwill Wine, and will be delivered the first week of February. As an incentive, Food For Change is doing a competition via the website. All you have to do is subscribe HERE!

Entry into the draw to win a FREE fresh food box for 12 months!

Entry into the draw to win 1 in 10 wine packs!

On top of this, we are offering anyone who refers our fresh food box program to a friend who signs up, $5 off your order for 12 months!

You won’t want to miss out!


Food For Change uses local land that produces nutritious food, which is then transported to a web of food relief organizations. The largest piece of land is the Clayton Farm, located in Melbourne. Volunteers give their time to plant seeds and collect harvests. This work makes a world of difference!

The main beneficiary that receives the produce is Kingston City Church. This organization feeds 120 families a week! Other very important food relief organizations are Secondbite, Souper Kitchen, and other smaller groups.

Thank you to these organizations for their continuous support in reducing food insecurity!


Five million tonnes of food in Australia is wasted annually, and 4 million Australians experience food insecurity annually. These are staggering numbers, especially since rescuing food could solve the crisis!

Whether it is in your household or for a company you work for, there are many ways to take action.


How can you take action in reducing waste in your own household? Through a simple number of steps, you can help the food crisis in the comfort of your home:

  • Don’t overbuy groceries! Make a weekly meal plan that shows the ingredients for each dish. This outlines exactly what you need; not more and not less.
  • Clean out your pantry and cupboards each month, and donate excess food to local food relief organizations. Check with your local organization to know what they will and will not accept.
  • Store food correctly. This includes filling up plastic containers or freezing leftovers. Instead of throwing out food, save time and money by storing meals.


The common misunderstanding is that the homeless are the largest group that need food relief, when in fact it is unemployed, low income, and single families. This could simply be a coworker, friend, family member, neighbor… This crisis is prevalent in our everyday lives, especially since the COVID pandemic. We are not far removed from the issue!

Food For Change relies on donations and grants to function as a nonprofit. Recently, the team received a $40K Reimagining Health: A VicHealth Partnership Grant! Any monetary donations are used for equipment, seeds, overhead costs, marketing/website development costs, nonprofit government annual fees, volunteer related expenses, insurance, and more. Thank you to those who have already donated, whether that is food, time, or money!

Now more than ever we need to unite to reduce the food insecurity crisis in Australia. If you have any questions in ways to support, please reach out to our team!



In the last couple of weeks, our team got the exciting news that another farm will be partnering with Food For Change! Allow us to introduce you to Briars Farm, located on the Mornington Peninsula. This farm along with the Clayton Farm will continue growing “farm to table” food for those undergoing food insecurity.

Along with the farm donation, this donor also contributed $30K. Thank you to The Gibson Foundation for their immense generosity as many lives will change in a positive way.



Meet Angela Lockyer, our wonderful Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer! Through focused leadership, she provides a canvas for others to contribute their creative ideas. Her passion is all things philanthropy. Angela gets up everyday wanting to make immediate and necessary change in the world.   When Angela isn’t working for Food For Change, she spends time with her husband and new baby in Southern California. As a raised Australian, she understands the urgency to provide nutritious food to those experiencing hunger.

She embodies that women can do it all!


December is all about gift giving! Give Food For Change a follow on all social medias as we will be discussing the gifts of donations, volunteers, education and outreach programs, and most importantly changing someone’s life. Our team will also be highlighting the new release of the food boxes in 2021!