Hello again!

It’s crazy how a month has come and gone, and we are already entering mid-April. There have been many developments at Food For Change, the most recent being the release of the food boxes. For those who subscribed, our team hopes that you enjoy your full box of veg, fruit, and herbs. We truly couldn’t have done it without the support of In2food. This partnership continues to support our nonprofit and we couldn’t be more grateful. Another exciting update is the opening of Briars Farm. This past month was harvest season, and we were blown away by the large quantities of produce. Our mission is to double these efforts by opening another farm. The hope is to continue lowering food insecurity in our communities by growing organic food. This new farm will allow us to boost the progress.

A special shoutout to all the volunteer groups that came on the farm to collect the recent harvest. Without the constant support of businesses and individuals, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish what we have accomplished thus far. For those wanting to get involved, do not hesitate to reach out. We ask for all hands on deck!

I am excited for everything that Food For Change will continue to do in 2021!

Matt Donovan – Founder & CEO


The harvest is here, and our team couldn’t be more excited about the collected produce! The Food For Change team has been exceptionally busy scheduling volunteers and ensuring that the food is properly transported to local food banks. Food insecure people don’t typically have the option of healthy, organic food. It is our goal to be the nonprofit that provides fresh vegetables and fruits. Not only does it help individuals physically but also psychologically.

Here is a look of the yummy food collected on the Clayton Farm. Stay tuned because in the month of April, the Briars Farm will be another location producing healthy food options.


This month more than most other months, Food For Change has had volunteers upon volunteers! It has been amazing to see local companies plan a team outing to the Food For Change farm. Thank you to the following groups for their commitment to the cause: Coles Express, McGrath Nicol, Data3, ANZ, Aesop, and Monash University post-grad students. Our team cannot express our appreciation enough for the work that is being done on the farm daily. The dedication of time and energy to help those outside of oneself is beyond impactful. It is a constant reminder to our team and the community that we are collectively on a mission to make the world a better place.


It is with great excitement that our Food For Change food boxes are being shipped out to all our subscribers. This has been a work in progress for some time, and it is finally here! Our hope is that the food box will inspire homes throughout Australia to cook with fresh ingredients, and how it is a small reminder of what we are providing for those who cannot afford it.

Be sure to follow Food For Change on all the social medias as we will be announcing the winners of the Food For Change Food Box draw in the coming days.


In partnership with the Lions Club of Sandringham, Food For Change is selling jars of rhubarb jam in Melbourne only. It is $7 per jar! Email info@foodforchange.org.au to receive more information. This is another way to support our community. Get those orders in now!


Simon Comber, Food For Change’s Grant Writer, it yet again another incredible volunteer. It is Simon’s responsibility to research, draft, and submit proposals that boost Food For Change’s grant funding. This position requires finding corporations and individuals that are in line with our mission of lowering food insecurity throughout Australian communities.

Thank you Simon for all your hard work in keeping Food For Change financially going. Your commitment to the cause doesn’t go unnoticed!


For the month of April, Food For Change is going into full force. The projects that have been in the works months prior will be moving forward. The biggest are the release of the yummy food boxes and the opening of Briars Farms.

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