Calling out to all of our lawn lovers, did you know that your green grass obsession could be harming the environment?

In fact, they create a roadblock to achieving global-sustainability and have been described by experts as ‘ecologically dead space.’ This is because lawns are water-intensive, require the use of potentially toxic fertilisers and pesticides, and provide a poor habitat for Australian wildlife. Additionally, the annual volume of groundwater for irrigation of public greenspaces and private open spaces (such as gardening) equates to approximately 140 gigalitres – which would fill almost 56,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

This has created an urgency to develop alternative, more sustainable solutions to lawns – by transforming them into more environmentally friendly spaces. Conveniently, there is enough vacant land in Australia to assist in making these changes, and here is a guide for turning your lawn into a sustainable, eco-friendly veggie garden.

Garden boxes are the easiest way to begin growing your own produce as they are elevated, aesthetically pleasing, and can be designed to fit any space. Simply, place landscape cloth or cardboard onto your chosen location to suppress the grass. Then, using recycled timber or metal, build the boxes in any shape on top. Lastly, fill with organic soil, and get planting!

Some key tips to remember:

Be Creative: this is your own veggie patch – be proud of that! Spend time creating a space that is beautiful and uniquely yours – select your favourite produce and herbs, and try painting the box for a unique touch!

Be Consistent: Maintaining the garden, such as weeding, mulching and harvesting is key to its survival – spend time each week looking after it, and it will look after you! Don’t fret, if your energy for gardening wanes, reduce the amount of plants and only plant what you can manage.

Be Charitable: While your garden produces your own produce, it will soon create an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables that can be shared within the community! With over 80,000 people turned away from seeking food relief, your very on veggie patch can help if you have food to donate so we can help feed more hungry Australians.

At Food For Change we are passionate about helping to feed those in need and ultimately, aim to eliminate food insecurity across the nation. But, this can only be achieved with the support of our fellow Australians.

By constantly increasing our community of dedicated growers and donors, we can create a sustainable society whereby no one has to question where they will find their next meal. Our Seeds of Change are the perfect option to kickstart your gardening journey – with each packet containing an assortment of seasonal seeds at just $6.95. Not only this, 100% of profits from each packet sold will be used to help feed hungry Australians. So, what are you waiting for? Purchase our seeds of change and start growing today! #growfoodnotlawns