It will always be a big mystery for many – why are dads just so difficult to buy presents for? Even the most laid back and easiest going dads are tough when it comes to choosing a present. It’s probably why socks and jocks continue to get given year upon year. 

But what if you could ditch the daggy dad gift, and do some good instead? Well, we’re here to help you with a round up of the top ways to support millions of Australians who face food insecurity, and put a smile on dad’s dial at the same time. 

  • Goodwill wines: if you haven’t yet entertained a tipple or two of these delectable drops, wait no more. This brilliant organisation donates half of its wine sale profits back to charity. Through this initiative, Food For Change has raised more than $4382 in funds. So let’s raise our glasses to a bottle, or really show fathers our appreciation with a bespoke case of Goodwill’s finest dozen. And while these wines will complement the food on your table, you’ll help put a meal on the table of another in need. Cheers to that! Order
  • Delicious deliveries: they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so if you’re ready to show some appreciation for all your dad does – why not start with a delivery of approximately 9kg of fresh seasonal produce? Food For Change’s monthly food boxes packed fresh with our own farm-grown goodies is the gift that gives on – helping to support the millions of Aussies who seek food relief each year. Order
  • Gift of a green thumb: if your father is a fan of gardening then why not get him ‘growing’ on his own vegetable garden with our packet seed mixes. Food For Change has a seed mix for every season, which each feature three varieties of simple to grow vegetables and herbs. At just $6.95 per packet this is a budget friendly option, and one that you can build on in spades (you could quite literally pair the seeds with a garden spade to get him on his way to delicious home-grown produce). All seed profits are put towards our mission to alleviate hunger across the nation. Order
  • A date with dad: we all know a lot of dads out there would simply just love to spend some good quality time with their kids. So for an experience gift with a difference, you could explore coming down to volunteer at one of our farms. What could be better than an afternoon spent outdoors together, doing good and getting your hands dirty at the same time. It could be once off but we’re going to guess you’ll be back for more. Check out our volunteer options here
  • Donate on dad’s behalf: still struggling to find a perfect fit for your own father? Some people are lucky, and well and truly have everything they could want or need. Unfortunately, there are also plenty out there who are simply struggling to make ends meet. Perhaps your dad would rather see the money spent on someone who needs it. If that sounds true for you, putting that present spend towards a donation instead is a win-win. Donate

No matter how you treat dad come his special day, we hope that for you food is plentiful and life is good. Bon appetite!