Want to grow your own food but are worried you haven’t the green-thumb required? Well, as the season of change sets in, it’s time to sow a new seed of thinking.

Here at Food For Change, we’re experts in the field of growing, and we’ll let you in on a secret – it’s not as hard as you may think… yes, really!

With seeds made simple, and this easy ‘Give it a Gro’ Guide, you’ll have everything you need or your not-so-green fingertips to plant a flourishing crop of fresh produce – while also helping to feed those in need.

Truly it’s as easy as ABC (or actually during the autumnal months, it’s as easy as “BCC”  (Broccoli, Cauliflower and Carrots, that is).

Step number one: get yourself some of our Seeds of Change Autumn Seed Packets Here. Which can be grown anywhere in Australia and are just $6.95 per packet. All proceeds harvested from the sale of these seeds goes towards feeding hungry Australians, plus each packet purchased will be matched and donated to a community group with the same mission in mind.

Now onto the joy of planting. Here’s a quick top(soil) scoop on the easiest way to plant and support the seeds on your own food growing journey:

  • For Brilliant Broccoli you’ll want to make sure you find your new seeds a sunny spot with good drainage. Broccoli heads can grow quite large (somewhere to pack all those nutrients!) so make sure you plant your seeds about 5mm deep in rows that are about 60cm apart from each other. You should see early shoots within two weeks, and with regular watering you’ll be ready for your first taste of this healthy green staple between 100-150 days’ time. Click here for a complete planting guide.


  • Cultivating Cauliflower isn’t that much different to it’s broccoli cousin. As part of the collective cabbage family, the versatile vegetable thrives in similar conditions including full sun and regular watering with good drainage. However, you should allow a little extra growing room for cauliflower compared to its greener equivalent so make you allow a row depth about 75cm wide. You should also expect a wider window of maturity – anywhere between 70-190 days. Find out more by reading our Cauliflower planting guide here.


  • Caring for Carrots: Bugs Bunny might have liked lots of company, but his favourite root vegetable is the O.G of social distancing. Despite only having a plant spacing of 5cm, you’ll want to allow a row spacing of 25cm in order to keep your anti-crowd carrot happy and kicking. Carrots also love about eight hours of sun per day, sufficient drainage, and if you can – the lighter the soil touch, the better. You can expect to see mature carrots between 70-120 days. Read up on the specifics with our carrot planting guide by clicking this link.

With a mission to alleviate food insecurity, Food For Change has planted this new ‘Seeds of Change’ initiative within its ever-growing garden bed of hunger relief efforts. With Autumn now upon us, let’s not only turn a new leaf on how much you trust your gardening skills, but also how we approach feeding Australia’s hungry.

So what are you waiting for… give Seeds For Change a gro’ today!