We are excited to announce that we’ve been offered one of Bayside City Council’s annual community grants for our Melbourne Farm in Clayton South. 

The Bayside area holds a special place in Food For Change’s history, as our very first farm in Australia. We officially opened the doors in February 2015, and since then we’ve continued to grow fresh food for those in need, locally and also across broader Melbourne. 

The Bayside City Council grants are gifted to those providing a needed community service, one that strengthens the local community, increases participation and inclusion as well as providing environmental benefits and sustainability. It’s a true testament to the work that we do, and of course, to our incredible army of volunteers and partners who continue to support us in our mission.

The main beneficiary of our Melbourne Farm produce is the local Bayside community, however, as we’ve continued to grow (in both literal and volume terms) we’ve been able to extend our reach to various organisations across the Kingston City Council Region, and our big harvests all get distributed by Secondbite across Melbourne more broadly. 

With this grant, we’ll be able to invest in equipment to extend our growing season, provide safety gear for our volunteers and much more!

Thank you to Bayside City Council, we are so proud to be part of this incredible community, and your support is appreciated more than a simple “thank you” can convey. 

Stay tuned for updates.