Well, the year has definitely thrown some huge spanners in the works – posing to be much more difficult than anticipated – but, it certainly hasn’t shaken us enough to dampen our spirits and halt our mission to alleviate food insecurity in Australia. In fact, it has highlighted an even greater urgency for others to get involved and make a difference to those experiencing uncertainty and food insecurity.

Since inception, we have grown, rescued and provided almost 1.5 million meals – and that could not have been done without the immense support from all of our staff members, volunteers and customers.

Especially over the past few months, it has been really eye opening and inspiring to see the power of a group of people who share the same dedication and determination to make a change. We have seen people – our friends, neighbours, family members – all experience a different kind of difficulty. And in turn, an influx of donations, more volunteers, and an overall increase in support – all uniting to brighten the lives of strangers. So, thank you. Our vision has never been more in reach, and as such, here’s a brief review of the past few months, and a sneak peak at the future.

Matt Donovan – Founder & CEO

We’re taking a stance on alleviating food waste

Despite the alarming statistics and people rallying across the globe for more action towards sustainability, we are still not having enough conversations about the food insecurity crisis. It is really important that people come together and speak up about the importance of taking steps to reduce their global footprint, with the easiest option being reducing food waste. 7.6 million tonnes of food across the supply and consumption chain in Australia ends up as waste each year – this equates to 312kg per person – or approximately five bags of groceries and $2,000 per household. There are an array of ways you can help limit food waste within your household, including utilising leftovers, investing in a compost bin, and adopting a more sustainable diet.

A sustainable resolution to the supermarket shelf shortages

Between floods and covid-outbraks, the major impact of supermarket supply chains really hammered home the significance of produce availability, and a very small glimpse into how life can be for people who face food insecurity. But if you’re still struggling to source your favourite fruit and veggies – we have a solution for you! Our fresh food box subscription consists of approximately 9 kilograms of fresh, farm-grown seasonal fruit and vegetables. Customers can rest easy knowing their produce is locally grown, sustainably sourced and fresh. Furthermore, by purchasing one of our fresh food box subscriptions, you will help to feed 50 Australians who need it most – including struggling children and families, refugees, the homeless and many more.

At a cost of only $70 per month, your box will be hand delivered to your home, and provide you the equivalent value to shopping at the supermarket.

Encouraging more people to grow food, not lawns

There is enough vacant land in Australia to end national hunger – but unfortunately, our beloved lawns are taking over the space – and potentially harming the environment. They are water-intensive, require the use of potentially toxic fertilisers and pesticides, provide a poor habitat for Australian wildlife, and are essentially, ‘ecologically-dead space.’ These problems have created an urgency to develop alternative, more sustainable solutions to lawns – such as transforming them into environmentally friendly spaces like an eco-friendly veggie garden! Through purchasing our seeds of change, you can kick-start your growing journey and be well on your way to having home-grown produce.

Over 80 000 people within Australia are turned away each year when seeking food relief. These are small steps you can incorporate into your life that make a HUGE difference. If doing something at your home poses a challenge, why not support our business by donating or purchasing from us? All proceeds go straight to those in need.