Lee Murray spends a good majority of her time helping local communities thrive.

Lee is the President of the Sandringham Lions Club. It’s through this position that she first learned of, and met, Food For Change Founder, Matt Donovan.

“He’s such an easy going and passionate person, it’s impossible not to be caught up in that passion and want to help in any way that you can,” Lee said.

It’s been three or four years since that first encounter, and Lee admits it’s been easy to lose track of the time.

Matt was speaking at a Moorabbin Lions Dinner when they met, and in Lee’s very own words… “before I knew it, I was out there volunteering.”

Each week Lee heads out to the farm with a fellow Club member: “we just do what’s required – anything from weeding, fertilising, harvesting and planting. It’s about whatever is required on the day.”

Helping with Australia’s food insecurity is not a new concept for Lee, hunger projects are at the
very top of the priority list for the Sandringham Lions Club. In fact, the impact of Covid-19 and job insecurity has certainly amplified the hunger crisis locally.
Lee’s experience, both with the Lions and Food For Change, has been that hunger relief programs have been increasingly in demand since Covid-19 first hit.

“With all the income loss and job insecurity there are a lot of people who may only just be able to keep a roof over their head that putting food on the table just isn’t always possible – particularly fresh food and produce,” she explained.

But while assisting to solve hunger relief is something that Lee focuses on as her day and side jobs, she insists volunteering is far from a chore.

“At the end of the day, it is fun. It’s a good social thing, and I’ve met lots of interesting people along the way. You interact with all sorts of lovely people, and you look forward to that while also knowing that you’re helping people who are in need.”

Food For Change and the Sandringham Lions are currently collaborating on a project for the Tombolo Academy in Hampton, Victoria. Together, they are about to create a kitchen garden at the school. Sandringham and Moorabbin Lions are in the midst of applying for a grant to get additional equipment for the farm as well .

If joining Lee and Matt in the shared mission to ensure no Australian goes hungry interests you – please check out at all the many ways that you, no matter where you are across the nation, can volunteer and help Food For Change.